Welcome to Children’s House at Bluffview Montessori School!

Go ahead, take a look around…on most days, you’ll find twenty or more young children, ages 33 months through six years, peacefully involved in a variety of interesting tasks….

Natasha has laid out her own rug on the carpet (defining her work space) and chosen the “golden beads” work from the many materials that line the walls. Although she is only five, she is using the beads to solve an addition problem (1,423 + 2,346) while learning foundational mathematical concepts, too.

Nearby, Rebekah has laid out a variety of wooden cards, each of which contains a sandpaper-textured letter written in cursive script. She concentrates intently as she traces each letter with her finger while quietly saying the sound it makes. Using multiple senses (touch, sight, sound) will give her a big boost on the path to literacy.

In the practical works area, the assistant teacher watches several preschool children work together to cut up bananas and pour drinks for snack. The children don’t realize that they’re also developing fine motor skills, which will improve their writing. They’re also learning a valuable life skill: collaboration.

Where is the lead teacher? Over in the corner, demonstrating a map work to two kindergarteners who are eager to start creating their own map of the world.

Or, take a peek inside Children’s House yourself… watch some videos or call (507) 452-2807 to schedule a personal visit.

Children’s House Work Time

Montessori Work:Movable Alphabet

Montessori Work: Teaching Dynamic Addition Using Golden Beads

Montessori Work: Teaching Cursive Writing Using Sandpaper Letters

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