BMS employs a school counselor at .8 time (4 days a week). The counselor offers weekly (30 minute) classroom instruction at the lower elementary level, as well as weekly (30 minute) classroom instruction at the upper elementary level for half the year; for the other half of the year, these students participate in health class with the school nurse. The main areas of discussion are bullying, friendship skills, communication and conflict resolution, as well as social skills. Small group sessions mostly focus on social skills and meet once a week for twenty minutes from October through April. Individual sessions can cover any topic related to school or home. Anger management and self-esteem are popular topics. Individual sessions can be scheduled once a week for 20 minutes or students can “drop in” as needed.

About the Counselor

I have been the school counselor at Bluffview since 2005. I have a BS in Health and PE (K-12) from Montana State University with a DAPE certification from Winona State. I taught PE in Alaska and Minneapolis for 10 years. My MS in School Counseling was earned through the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. My Counseling position includes classroom lessons, individual sessions and smalI group sessions. E1 and E2 classrooms have a 30 minute counseling lesson once a week. Lessons cover many topics, for the most part we work on social skills, making and keeping friends, and managing our emotions and understanding how our behavior affects others. The Kindergartners are rotated throughout the school year in small groups. Where the Erdkinder students topics are health related: Alcohol/Tobacco/Drugs, Nutrition, Sex Ed, Mental Health, Bullying/Sexual Harassment. They meet once a week for 45 minutes. I live in Winona with my family and we are avid cross country skiers and mountain bikers.