Health classes are taught by one of our school nurses or our counselor, and cover topics such as nutrition, first aid, preventive health, and sexual education following the National Health Standards. Lower elementary (E1) students meet with our school counselor on an occasional basis and have lessons as needed emphasizing hand washing and staying healthy. Students in our Upper Elementary program (E2) have either counseling or health class once a week for 30 minutes. The curriculum rotates yearly with an emphasis on first aid, disease or nutrition. Erdkinder students have health class once a week for forty minutes. The class is taught by the counselor, who is also certified in Health 7-12. Topics rotate on a two-year cycle, and include nutrition, drugs/alcohol/tobacco, mental health, and sex education. The Erkinder health class is graded with weekly homework assignments.

About the Teacher

Kelly Skillicorn


Health is taught at the Erkdinder level on a 2 year cycle. Cycle 1 consists of Bullying/Sexual Harassment/Cyberbullying, Alcohol/Tobacco/Drugs, and Nutrition as the main units. Cycle 2 has Mental Health categories, personality types,stress, and stress relievers, Sex Education, as well as Bullying and Sexual Harassment. Decision making and refusal skills are embedded in the information. Students meet once a week for 45 minutes. Homework is assigned and the class is graded. Assignments consist of projects where students will need to do some research, note taking, readings and worksheets, as well as some reflective thinking/writing.