Welcome to Bluffview Montessori’s E1B page!

In our E1B classroom, students learn to become independent, respectful and lifelong learners, through our prepared environment and grace and courtesy lessons.

Each day, students receive Montessori lessons and work on assignments during our 3-hour Montessori work period. During the rest of the day, students participate in reading, writing, grace and courtesy and science standards lessons, while also attending specialist classes (Art, Music, Library, PE, Counselor).

Ms. Kiersten

About Ms. Kiersten

Hello! I am originally from Houston, Texas; but I have considered the Midwest my home since roughly 2010 and have lived in Winona since 2015. I live in town with my husband and two cats. I first joined Bluffview in 2020 with student teaching and am very happy to be a part of the supportive community here.

The ability of the Montessori philosophy to cultivate lifelong learners is very inspiring to me, and I am currently working on earning my master’s while further studying Montessori. While I am new here, I look forward to learning about, working with, and guiding your children to see their amazing powers and potentials.

Mrs. Meyer

About Mrs. Meyer

Hello!  My name is Mrs. (Joyce) Meyer.  I have been at Bluffview Montessori 10 years – 9 working in the E1B classroom with Ms. Molly.  I am so blessed working at a job I love, watching your children grow and blossom over 3 years.  I truly enjoy nurturing them in the capacities they need.

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