Why We Love Bluffview

The Erdkinder Experience

We enrolled in Bluffview Montessori because my son was having difficulties at the Middle School. He hated math, and now since we’ve been coming here he thinks he’s a rock star in it…. He came in here asking, ‘Mom, where’s my desk?’ and now that he sees how it works he really enjoys it…he loves coming to school every day.

—Amy Kerns

We enrolled both of our daughters in Bluffview because they have a lot of choice and freedom about what they want to work on every day in the classroom so they eventually learn everything they need to learn, but they get to do it at their own pace and they’re highly motivated because they get to choose what they’re going to work on.

—Jill Krase

Both of our kids are really thriving here…. They’re able to work at their own pace. We have one child who needs a little extra help, and she gets it, and we have one kid who thrives independently, and she’s allowed to do that. It’s not classes for the masses; it allows an individual to go at her own speed.

—Terry Foy

My wife decided that this is where the boys should be, but I really came on board when I saw them coming home. Their faces say it all—they’re curious, they’re energized, they ask questions, they talk about their experience in the classroom…that’s all I need to see.

—Jeff Van Fossen

Both of my kids went through Bluffview…. We had actually bought land over near Rochester and were going to build a house there, and then [my son] started to go to school here, and we never left. And this is a big reason why we’re still here in Winona, because this was such a great place for our kids.

Now they’re both up at the senior high. I love going to [Winona] Senior High activities—band concerts and things like that—because, honestly, it’s just like going to a Bluffview concert…the people who are giving solos, they’re almost always very well represented by Bluffview students.… This year the president of the student council, and the vice president of the student council, and the president of the junior class, they’re all Bluffview students…. There’s something that happens here that gives them the confidence to believe that they can succeed when they get in that larger setting….

If it weren’t for Bluffview, I can’t imagine that my kids would be as successful as they are at the senior high, and I can’t imagine that I’d still be driving an hour to work every day. We’re here because this is a good place for us.

—Bryon Bothun