With many families struggling this holiday season, and really all year with the Covid pandemic, Grace Place is hoping to spread the word about one of the many programs available to families with children, here at Grace Place- our Free Shelf. Our Free Shelf consists of  household items such as cleaning supplies, laundry soap, toiletries, feminine products, diapers and wipes, baby care items, blankets, baby clothes, and some baby furniture items. We do have some children’s winter gear currently, as well. Families with children can use this program, free of charge to them, one time per month if needed. Each item is worth a certain number of points- with the family being allowed 10 total points, per month.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this program, please call 474-9323 and we can prepare an order of items for your family, if you qualify! You can also fill out an online application at www.graceplaceinc.org or stop at our 66 E. 3rd Street location,  on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursdays from 10-2.