The Pedagogy Committee

Purpose: The Pedagogy Committee informs and advises the board regarding curriculum-related issues, which may include but not be limited to the content and structure of learning experiences offered at the school. The committee advises administration on issues related to pedagogy including curriculum development, delivery methods, staff development efforts, and parent education. It reviews existing and proposed policy when directed by the board of directors and it assists administration to write procedures that comply with existing board policy. The committee may also perform other duties as the board may direct.


  • Facilitate education events for parents that discuss Montessori philosophy and practice.
  • Facilitate staff development activities that discuss Montessori philosophy and practice.
  • Assist with grant proposals as necessary.
  • Assist in the selection of library materials as requested.
  • Coordinate classroom resources (software, materials sharing, etc.).
  • Oversee classroom purchases for Montessori materials completion.

The Pedagogy Committee will meet the second Monday of each month.

Members – Parents, Montessori teachers, Others as appointed:

  • Henry Schantzen
  • Anna Aarre
  • Kim Bell
  • Meghan Booth
  • Shelly Merchlewitz
  • Amy O’Connell
  • Mariah White